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Pioneer in Flat Die Pellet Mill Design

Only $2790. A Combined pellet plant 100-150kg/h consists of a flat die pellet mill and a hammer mill.

Only $3950. Capacity 250-350kg/h Flexible Pellet Plant. Best Choice for small farms.

Including a wood crusher, pipe dryer, airlock, silo, screw conveyor, screw feeder, pellet mill, cooler, etc.

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With continuously updating technology, our flat die pellet machines have been exported worldwide.
And we have received the consistent high praise.

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  • Small Pellet Mill Save Money

Can Small Pellet Mill Save Money or Not

How to save the cost of wood pellets? Many families choose to buy a small pellet mill. Can small pellet mill save money or not? Here is the detailed analysis for you!

  • pellet mill spare parts

Main Parts of Flat Die Pellet Mill: Rollers and Die

Flat die pellet mill consists of various parts that will play together to enable the machine to run. Rollers and dies should be the most important pellet mill parts. So full comprehension of them can well prepare for your operation of pellet mill.

  • Flat Die Pellet Mill Design

Flat Die Pellet Mill Design

Two designs of pellet mills can make both wood pellets and feed pellets. Roller driven pellet mill works better for making biomass pellets, especially for making hardwood pellets; die driven pellet mill has good performance in making feed pellets.

  • Flat Die Pellet Mill Superiorities

Flat Die Pellet Mill Superiorities

Flat die pellet machine has the convenient and simple structure, adjustable pressure and application for many biomass materials, is an ideal pelletizing machine mainly used for farms.

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