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Diesel Hammer Mill CF420A15


Ideal crushing machine in small scale wood pellets or briquettes production line. Grind the straws, stalks peanut shell, bamboo, wood branches into proper size before pelletizing or briquetting.



200~400 kg/h


low price pellet mill

CF420A15 Diesel Hammer Mill Specification

Packing Size ( mm )
Screen Hole Size
200~400 kg/h
Diesel Engine
1470*730*1090  mm
1.8–10 mm

Introduction to CF420A15 Diesel Hammer Mill

This CF420A15 hammer mill is an ideal crushing machine for small scale pellets or briquettes production line, which can be used to grind the biomass materials (not more than 50mm) like straw, stalk and wood chip, tree branch and forest waste into powder of less than 3-5mm, which is right size before pelletizing and briquette. It is also suitable for farming material like crop stalks, corn stems, grass, rice straw, grain, legumes, and husks and so on. With a higher performance, this CF420 hammer mill is the most widespread among the farms, middle sized feeding factory and family.

Key Features of CF420 Diesel Hammer Mill
1. Driven by a diesel engine makes materials crushing possible especially in the rural area with shortage of electricity.
2. The rotor of hammer mill operates at 3,500 RPM to produce high hammer tip speed, thus the finished powder can be uniform with the least size.
3. The core part -the hammers are made of high quality carbon alloy steel, which is durable and wear-resistant.
4. Available screen discharge area can be up to1904 square centimeter which allows for high throughput at a lower horse power.
5. Equipped with air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to next machine for further processing.
6. You can change screening sieve according to different material grinding requirements.
7. We can customize the following sieve with screening hole diameter of 1.8mm-10mm.

Wood Hammer Mill Cutter & Sieve

wood hammer mill structure

wood hammer mill cutter

wood hammer mill sieve

Highlights of Our CF420 Diesel Hammer Mill
★ Work with any friable material and fiber
★ Low initial investment
★ High efficiency, low energy consumption.
★ Low noise, stable performance.
★ Easy operation, simple maintenance.

Typical Applications of CF420 Diesel Hammer Mill
◆ Wood Pellets & Feed Pellet production
◆ Biomass Briquette production
◎ Hogged wood scrap  ◎ Agro stalks and Straws  ◎ Planer shavings,corn cob,bamboo

hammer mill applications

Structure and Working Principles of Hammer Mill
1. The hammer mill consists of three parts on the whole: feed hopper, grinding cell, winding system.
2. Production flow
The raw material flows into the grinding cell by feeding hopper, and then is ground into powder by rotary flake – hammers’ hitting.
The rough powder and find powder all fly to the screen. Because of centrifugal force and wind force, the fine powder passed through the screen and comes to the product’s container. The rough powder is continuously to be ground till it becomes fine.

Operation Tips of Wood Hammer Mill
1. Continuously keep it rotary 2 to 3 minutes to eliminate surplus feed in the grinding cell after finishing work.
2. The screen controls the size of output. And there are screen with diameter. Other sizes also can be offered as per your request. Remove the upper cover before you replace the screen.
3. The starter for motor should be placed near to the machine and be sure not to use the fuse bigger than the rating electric current.
4. For the new machine, you should process the dry draw initially to clean out the dust.




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