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CF500A Diesel Hammer Mill


The capacity of this multifunctional hammer mill can be up to 800-1100kg/h, ideal for wood pellets and feed pellets production line.





low price pellet mill

CF500A Wood Hammer Mill Specifications

Screen Hole Size
Diesel engine
1520*1420*1230 mm
2-10 mm

Advantages of Diesel Wood Hammer Mill
1. Energy saving and high efficiency.
2. Both for processing biomass materials and grain products, so this hammer mill can be used for making wood pellets and animal feed pellets.
3. The hammer mill may powered with 2 electrodes motor that is driven by four B-type belt.
4. For processing biomass products, the max material diameter can be up to 50 mm, the final products is just meeting pelletizing requirement.
5. The screen sizes can be offered as per your request.

Applications of CF500A Wood Hammer Mill
1. This CF500A wood hammer mill is driven by diesel engine, making it available in area short of electricity.
2. Equipped with hammers, this wood hammer mill is more suitable to crush soft agricultural crops such as wheat stalks, alfalfa, corn straws, switch grass, peanut soybean shell and bamboo.

wood pellets and feed pellets

biomass material for making wood pellets

This wood hammer mill can be used in wood pellet production which can be used as animal bedding, heat fuel and fodder.
Wood hammer mills are able to crush both forestry and agricultural material, brittle and fibrous material, such as bamboo, stalk, grass and shrub. A screen with cutting edges is used to control the wood particle size. If the size is larger than screen, these material will be sent back to be ground again until they can get though the screen. The size of the ground material depend on the size of screen and the rotation speed.
The common application of wood hammer mill always falls into several parts: industrial, agricultural, research and residential applications.
☞ Industrial use of hammer mills can include paper production, grinding grain for biofuel production and grinding wood scrap into mulch for manufacturing wood pellets as heating fuel.
☞ For agricultural application, wood hammer mill can crush wheat stalk, corn staw, tomato stem and other green leaves into mulch to make fertilizer and fodder. Finely grinder staw granules can be easily fermented once buried in the earth.
Small wood hammer mill are more suitable for residential use because of portability and low cost. People can use it to make pellets for home heating, animal bedding and poultry feed with pellet mills. Raw material to be processed can be leaves and logs in your yard, or cotton stalk and corn staw on your farmland. Homemade pellets are more cheaper and it’s also a way to clean up waste in backyard.

Learn about Cyclone Function for A Wood Hammer Mill

wood hammer mill cycloneIn actual production, a cyclone is always a necessary device in wood hammer mill. What’s the function of cyclones? How does it work? Does the cyclone really work?

Cyclonic separation is a method to remove wood particles from air steam though vortex separation without filters. In wood chips and sawdust collection, rotational effects and gravity are main ways to separate the mixed air flow. This method can be also used to separate fine droplets of liquid from a gaseous stream.

A high speed rotating airflow is established within a cylindrical or conical container called a cyclone. Airflow begins at the tops of cyclone and ends at the bottom, moving in a spiral way. Wood particles out from wood hammer mill are drew up into airflow starting separation procedure. Wood chips and sawdust in the rotating steam have much inertia to follow the moving airflow. They will strike the inner wall until falling to the bottom, waiting to be collected.

The main advantage of cyclones is to reduce the dust content in air to protect your lungs and breathing system. Pneumoconioses and black lung disease are all cause by long term exposure to dust. Please taking heath into consideration when purchasing a wood processing machines.



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