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AMS-WP900 Powder Grinder Machine

We can provide a complete wood powder production line as well as powder grinder machine. 60-80 mesh in paper-making ;120 mesh for high grade incense.


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Overview of Powder Grinder Machine
A. Introduction to Powder Grinder Machine
As a professional wood processing machinery, wood powder machine is of durable design, high yield characteristics. Wood powder machine is equipped with a powder fineness analysis equipment which can control the fineness of the material intact, improving sieve thought rate , the machine inlet is of feedstock self-suction design, preventing the machine from damage by metal. The whole machine body is cooled by water; there are stator cutter blades, rotating cutter blades and crushing cutter blades in the grinding chamber. Machine body is made from new material which makes wood powder maker features in low noise, no vibration and less dust.
B. AMS WP900 Powder Grinder Machine Parameters

Blade NO.
Cross Weight
40-325 mesh
Determined by fineness
96 pcs
45-55 kw
3800 kg
Raw Material Size: < 40-50 mm
Raw material moisture: < 6%
Rotated Speed: 2900 r/min
Floor Area: 700*200*430 cm
C. Powder Grinder Machine Cutter
wood powder machine cutter blade
powder grinder machine cutter
wood flour machine cutter

D. Advantages of Powder Grinder Machine
1. Water cooling system can make blades and knives of wood powder machines stay in good condition to ensure a normal production.
2. Equipped with 3 kinds cutter to crush wood fully and finely.
3. Wood powder fineness can be adjusted by your demand. Amisy Wood Powder Machine can process powder from 10 to 500 mesh.
4. Electric control cabinet is adopted with wood powder machine. Amisy can offer professional suggestion and best service for you.

How to Dispose Machines in Wood Powder Production Line
In wood powder production, a single wood powder machine is far less than need. Usually we have to choose other machines for wood powder pre-treatment and after-treatment. Here Amisy will share some knowledge about wood powder machines disposition in industrial production.

wood powder plant1. Raw material processing
Please be aware of your raw material for wood powder production. If your wood particles are too large. Please choose crushing machines or grinders to break down. The max size of wood particles to be processed in Amisy wood powder machine is 40-60 mm. That’s to say, wood sawdust or wood chips larger than 60 mm need to be crushed in small size.

Here for wood crushing machines, there are wood crusher, wood harmer mill and wood chipper shredder. An example of a tree branch in 200 mm diameter should be crushed by wood crushed into 3-5 mm, 6 mesh to 4 mesh (the larger the number, the smaller the wood particles). Wood hammer mill is also a kind of crushing machines, which can break large wood braches to 2-8 mm thickness wood sawdust. While wood chipper shredder is mainly used for wood chips production and if the chips are used to be processed to wood pellets or wood powder, they still need grinding.

2. Moisture control
Only a raw material of consistent quality can produce consistent quality pellets. So as wood powder. Wet wood particles are easy to adhere to the inner wall of the wood powder machine and will slow down the working efficiency. Necessary drying device is needed to reduce wood particles moisture in order to make high quality wood powder and ensure a high yield.

Wood sawdust dryer can reduce moisture content by 10%-20%. Hot air boilers can be added for better drying effect if the raw material is too wet. For biomass material whose moisture content is less than 35%, we recommend the one boiler pipe dryer as it can eliminate more than 20% moisture content; but for those contains 35%-50% moisture content material, the two boilers pipe dryer is necessary because of its powerful drying effect.

3. Wood powder fineness
Wood powder in 3-5 mm can be suitable for wood pellets production. Generally powder in 200 mesh has already met all demands in wood powder deep processing. Wood powders are always in 60-80 mesh in paper-making production and powder in 120 mesh can be used for upscale incense production.

Amisy wood powder machines can offer fineness from 10-500 mesh.


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