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AMS-WP800 Wood Flour Machine

AMS WP800 wood flour machine is of double chamber design, greatly improving working efficiency. Fine finished products and lower cost.


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Wood Flour Machine Introduction
AMS WP800 wood flour machine is of double chamber design, greatly improving working efficiency. It adopts water cooling method, which can protect main parts and prolong machine using life. Machine body uses advanced material which is featured with noise insulation and heat dissipation. Wood powder machine has perfect performance in grinding soft material, fiber materials, brittle materials and ductile materials. The rate of acceptability could be 100%, no residue. The whole machine is driven by one motor, with stable performance, fine finished products and lower cost.

Details of AMS WP800 Wood Flour Machine
A: AMS WP800A Wood Powder Machine Parameters

Blade NO.
Cross Weight
Determined by fineness
72 pcs
22-30 kw
2600 kg
Raw Material Size: < 40 mm
Raw material moisture: < 6%
Rotated Speed: 3300 r/min
Floor Area: 700*250*430 cm
B: Wood Flour Machine Cutter
wood powder machine cutter blade
powder grinder machine cutter
wood flour machine cutter

C. Suitable Material of Wood Four Machine
Powder grinding machine is used to process bamboo wood flour, nutshell, Chinese herbal medicine, bark, leaf, wheat bran, mushroom, sesame, rice shell, corn cob, stalk, spice, pepper, chili, fish flour, seaweed, Chinese date, paper, circuit board, plastic, chemically raw material, mica, carbon, volcanic clay, perlite, distilled grain, dry oil cake, charcoal, activated carbon, potato slag, tea, bean pulp, cotton, plant root, all kinds of edible fungus, etc.

wood powder materials

herbs powder

herb powder for wood powder machine

wood powder machine raw material

herb powder

whole herb powder

Advantages of Wood Flour Machine
1. Water cooling system can make blades and knives of wood powder machines stay in good condition to ensure a normal production.
2. Two chamber design, high improve capacity.
3. Equipped with cyclone and dust collector, the working surroundings is clean.
4. The new machine body adopts advanced material, low noise and good heat dissipation effect.
5. Wood powder fineness can be adjusted by your demand. Our Wood Powder Machine can process powder from 10 to 500 mesh.
6. Electric control cabinet is adopted with wood powder machine. We can offer professional suggestion and best service for you.
Note: Wood powder machine is indispensable in incense making industry, usually 100 mesh powder is enough for making high grade incense, our wood powder machine can process 10-500 mesh powder products. Material for Making Incense
1. Wood powder/flour with no peculiar smell. Fineness: 70-100 mesh
A. You can collect the wood shavings from furniture factory and then grind them with wood powder machine.
B. Pine cone shell and pine leaves are excellent material for making incense. Dry them first and then make them into power with powder grinding machine. Incense made by pine leaves are easy to burn and the incense ashes are white.
C. High quality natural ingredients: natural spice, pine leaves, incense wood powder, wood seed shell powder, etc.
2. Glue powder
3. Bamboo stick

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