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AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine

It is multifunctional, and it can be used to process various kinds of wood material such as wood shavings, rich rusk, bamboo wood powder, nutshell and herb.


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AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine Specifications

Blade NO.
Cross Weight
40-325 mesh
Determined by fineness
96 pcs
45-55 kw
3800 kg
Raw Material Size: < 40-50 mm
Raw material moisture: < 6%
Rotated Speed: 2900 r/min
Floor Area: 700*200*430 cm

Wood Powder Machine Application
1. Can be used to process various kinds of wood material such as wood shavings, rich rusk, bamboo wood powder, nutshell, Chinese herbal medicine, leaf.
2.Wood powder in different fineness can be used for various application, incense, paper making industry, spice processing industry, herbal processing industry, etc.

wood powder machine material

wood powder

Working Principle of Wood Powder Machine
Wood powder machine is also called wood flour machine, equipped with several cutters to make wood particles crushed to proper fineness. Wood fineness made by Amisy wood powder machine can be adjusted by your demand. Generally cutters inside the wood powder machinery are main parts for grinding. Our wood powder machines are all equipped with three kinds of cutters for coarse crushing, fine crushing and re-crushing procedure. It can grind the wood particles into good fineness with several re-crushing steps. Once getting into the wood powder machine, raw material move in airflow along with pressure and grind from the different cutters. Good fined wood powder can flow to collector while other coarse particles have to be ground for second time to proper fineness.

Wood Powder Machine Cutter

wood powder machine cutter blade

powder grinder machine cutter

wood flour machine cutter

Performance Features of Wood Powder Machine
1. Water cooling system can make blades and knives of wood powder machines stay in good condition to ensure a normal production.
2. Equipped with 3 kinds cutter to crush wood fully and finely.
3. Wood powder fineness can be adjusted by your demand. Amisy Wood Powder Machine can process powder from 10 to 500 mesh.
4. Electric control cabinet is adopted with wood powder machine. Amisy can offer professional suggestion and best service for you.
5. Affecting Factors on Wood Powder Machines Operation
6. When operating wood powder machine in industrial production, it may come across many problems. It’s important to ensure the wood powder machine run smoothly for a normal production and high powder output.

There are four main factors which may affect wood powder production.
Hardness of raw material
The more hardness of feed material, the more difficult for wood powder machine to grind. Hard wood particles will increase the pressure and cause more wear and tear in spares and blades. If necessary, please grind the wood into small particles with the help of wood crusher or harmer mill.
Moisture content of raw material
Wood particle with high moisture is likely to adhere to the inner wall of the wood powder machine and even to block the machine, which will affect the working production. The max moisture of raw material is 6% according to Amisy wood powder machines guide. So wood particles which are too dry or too wet need to be pre-treated before grinding.
Final Wood Powder Fineness
The final wood powder fineness size can be adjusted upon your demand. Wood powder fineness from 40 to 325 mesh can be produced by different models. Please carefully choose the suitable wood powder machines.
Overload wood powder
Too much wood particle to be processed would lower the efficiency of wood powder machine. Please load wood particles when the machine is running at a stable speed. And watch out the quantity of wood particle to avoid overload.
Please be careful when operating the wood powder machines. Stay away from everything dangerous for your safety!


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