Flat die pellet mill is widely used for small production capacity and residential use. It is commonly divided into two designs by rollers and die: One is the regular mill that is die driven (die runs) and roller stationary. It is called rotating die pellet mill. The other pellet mill is roller driven (roller runs) and die stationary. It is called rotating roller pellet mill. With different designs of rollers and die, they own unique characters. Now see the following detailed introduction about two designs of portable pellet mills.

A. Difference in the Appearance

Roller Driven

rotating roller pellet mil design

 Die Driven

rotating die pellet mill design

B. Difference in Working Principle

  Rotating Roller pellet mil design

roller driven pellet mill design

  Rotating Die pellet mill design

die driven pellet mill design

C. Difference in Price

gearbox used for roller driven pellet mill

D type pellet mill is cheaper than R type because the latter has smarter design of pelletizing process and a better gearbox, though both types of pellet mill are competent of making quality pellets. D type is suitable for starters;R type is the right choice for clients who has a strict requirements and flexible budget.

Roller-driven Pellet Mill

roller driven flat die pellet millRotating roller pellet mill is the new design: rollers run and die is fixed. When it works, rollers will spin by the diesel engine or electricity engine to force the powder through the holes of dies. In this way different size pellets will be made. The rotating rollers contribute to pressing materials, driving materials movement and promoting the stirring of the materials. And the rollers are able to withstand the reaction force of hardwood. Therefore the roller-driven design has better adaptability for different materials and gets longer service life. It can process not only softwood (pine, spruce, cedar, fir, larch and etc) but also hardwood (mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, elm, aspen, poplar, birch, maple and etc). Moreover, with more powerful compression on the materials, rotating roller pellet mill can produce pellets with premium quality from almost all biomass materials.


die driven flat die pellet millRotating die pellet mill is the regular design in which material is pushed into the die holes as the die spins under rollers. The flat die rotates and presses rollers to move at the same time. Under this kind of composite motion, the materials can go into the compression area sufficiently and it is conducive to make feed pellets. Simple supported structure of press roller is good to resist larger deformation resistance. The advantages of this design is low electricity consumption and high efficiency in making feed pellets. This portable pellet mill can process corn, bean dregs, straw, grass and rice hull powder into granulated pellets. For different sizes of pellets, you just replace flat die with different diameters of die holes. In addition, if you want to make biomass pellets, you would better use relatively soft materials as the machine design is stationary rollers and a running die mold.

High efficiency and low power consumption, our two designs of pellet mill will bring you big profit in short period. Using them for production, you can monitor the pelleting process directly by watching the pelleting chamber, which will help you solve your production trouble immediately. Our homemade pellet mills is increasingly popular in small and medium pellet production. We are devoted to supplying top quality flat die pellet mills and can offer you professional guidance. Please enjoy exploring our website: flatdiepelletmill.com for more information!