Small feed pellet mill is a kind of feed pellet machine suitable for household, small-scale farms or small-sized feed pellet manufacturer. It is unavoidable that there are device failures due to increasing use or improper operation. In order to let users of small feed pellet machines to find out the cause of failure and the solutions timely, here are some common device failures and fault treatment methods.

small feed pellet millMachine Failure One: A massive drop in productivity
The Causes of Failure:
Material moisture is too high;
(b) The parts fall off or are damaged;
(c) Hammer is damaged badly;
(d) Feeding is not well-distributed;
(e) The rotate speed is too slow or belt slipping.
The Common Methods of Eliminating Failure
Make sure the material is dry;
(b) Overhaul the electric motor;
(c) Change the old hammer;
(d) Make sure the feeding is well-distributed to realize the feeder work at full capacity;
(e) To ensure the rotate speed of the feed pellet crusher and tighten the belt.

Machine Failure Two: The feed pellets are coarse

feed pelletsThe Causes of Failure:
The screen is worn badly or there are holes on the screen;
(b) The screen and the bracket are not connected well.
The Common Methods of Eliminating Failure
Repair or replace the screen;
(b) Stop running, check and adjust the screen and the bracket.
Machine Failure Three: The small feed pellet machine vibrating strongly
The Causes of Failure:
The arrangement of hammers is wrong;
(b) The difference between the groups of the correspondent hammers is big;
(c) There is hammer which is not swung out;
(d) The parts of the rotors are unbalanced;
(e) The bearing is worn;
(f) The shaft is bent;
(g) The foundation anchor bolt is loosen.

Machine Failure Four: The feeding inlet jets reversely.
The Causes of Failure:
The fun and the pipeline are blocked;
(b) The material is wet or the sieve is blocked;
(c) Powder collection bags are too full or feeding too much;
(d) The line of the powder collection bag is too tiny or the bag is too hard or too small.
The Methods of Eliminating Failure:
Dredge the fun and the pipeline and check if the fun is worn;
(b) Dry the material or enlarge the mesh;
(c) Discharge the feed pellets timely and decrease the feeding;
(d) Replace the powder collection bag according to the requirement.

feed pellet mill feedstock

Machine failure is unavoidable. If it is not solved timely when the failure occurs, it will affect the work proficiency seriously. Hope that the above information be helpful. If the information does not work, please contact the professional maintenance personnel or after-sale service so as to avoid the serious damage to the feed pellet machine due to the improper disassembly.