Nowadays, the conception of “low-carbon life” is rooted in most people’s hearts. People all over the world are trying their best to save energy and wood pellets is becoming increasingly popular in our daily life.With the growth of the people demand for wood pellets,The price of wood pellets also wins a rapidly increasing. As a result, many families are trying to make their own wood pellets with wood pellet machine to cut on spending on stove and home heating.

Portable Pellet Mill Introduction
Pellet mills in market have various sizes and capacities.There are those that have been made for domestic use while others are strictly designed for commercial purposes.Among all these pellets machine the portable pellet mill is the best choice to manufacture pellets for small scale industrial production or for home use.Portable pellet making machines is flat die designed and have different driving forces, such as: motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and PTO(means power take off). Portable pelleting mill’s capacity varies from 50kg/h to 400kg/h.While a commercial one produce pellets at a rate of 10 tons per hour or more.The benefit of using a portable flat die pellet-making machine is that it is much smaller and generally light in weight when compared to the other types. This makes it to more portable. Besides this gives you an added benefit, where you are not just limited to making your own pellets for fuel, but you can as well carry it to different places around as your mind.As for price,the Portable pellet making machines is more cost-effective for home use or farm use.

portable wood pellet millPortable Pellet Mill Unique Features
* Portable pellet mill is of simple structure, high capacity, low energy consumption and easy operation.
* Adopt screw-center adjusting pressure structure which makes small pellet mill more practical.
* Visible chamber design makes the pelleting process clear and visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
* Equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.
* With adjustable compression rate, the portable pellet mill can meet different pelletizing requirements and is available to press coarse materials.
* Reliable continuous operation.
* Low energy consumption & maintenance cost.

Portable Pellet Mill Application
1.Portable Pellet Mill is suitable for small scale pellets production.
2.This portable pellet mill can also be used for making feed pellets for poultry and livestock.
3.Wood pellets produced by Portable Pellet Mill is used for stove, boiler heating or for animal bedding.