Pellet fuel is one new recyclable biomass fuel made from various woody plants like branches, leaves, grass and straws. Burning wood pellets is much more environmental compared with fossil and petroleum energy. Less carbon dioxide and fossil particles will lower the haze content in air.

Haze often occurs when dust and smoke particles accumulate in dry air. Fog, mist, haze, smoke, ash, dust, sand and snow may come to fog and haze weather. Sources for haze particles include automobile exhaust, industrial production and fires. Haze weather is one serious air pollution in human life. Haze particles may cause irritation of eyes, nose, throat in healthy individual. It affect heart and lungs and course serious respiratory. London, the Smoke, had a long time surrounded by smoke in early 20th century. Tokyo in Japan and Ankara in Turkey are also a place in haze. China has become one new foggy place and large cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shengzhen have high rate in fog and haze. More and more small and medium cities become new victims for fossil usage.

wood pellets against haze weatherThe common place in these cities is that industrial and automatic pollution has become the main source of air pollutant. In both industrial production and home use, coal is the first fuel to make fire and heat. Soot and smoke is the product of the incomplete combustion of fuel, which is the resource of haze. While biomass fuel, as renewable energy can burn completely without any air pollutant. That why more and more country are promoting biomass pellet fuel.

Biomass pellets, especially wood pellets are main heating fuel in industrial production and home heating. Wood pellets are an efficient source of heat because they contain very low levels of moisture and ash.

1. Wood pellets have high thermal conversion rate up to 99%. Virtually all of the pellets is burned and converted to heat.
2. Wood pellets are much cheaper than fossil energy. Wood pellets are competitive with home fossil fuel options and electric heat.
3. Biomass pellets are environmental. Without ash and greenhouse gas after burnt, it will reduce the hae content greatly once using wood pellets as fuel instead of coal and petroleum.
4. Biomass pellets also save much money in transportation. It always needs fees on coal conveyor in cities because of air pollution. And sometimes these coal conveyor need washing to remove outside coal dust.


There is a large market for biomass pellets business in every country. As a new rising technology, wood pellets can be used in many places where fossil fuel is used before such as power station, heating plants. Homemade pellets made from various woody material can make fire in winter.

small pellet millFor homemade pellets, small flat die pellet mill can meet demand. Raw material for wood pellets come form your farm and backyard. Collected wood branch, grass, wheat straw and leaves are good resource in making biomass pellets. If you buy a larger pellet mill, you can make pellets for home use and sale. For industrial pellets business, vertical ring die pellet mill has a great yield and can work constantly.

With government efforts in renewable energy, more and more biomass pellets are applied into home and industrial production which will tremendously reduce green gas brought by coal and other fossil energy.